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GreenWaste Carpet Recyclers (Zanker Road Recycling)

GreenWaste Carpet Recyclers accepts carpet and foam carpet padding from Residential and Commercial sources.This location is at the Zanker Materials Recovery and Landfill Facility.***Please use the Main Branch site for drop-off during week days at: 1201 North 15th Street, San Jose, CA, 95112***Does not accept wool carpet, area rugs or artificial turf.Accepts carpet tile, commercial ballroom carpet, glued-down carpet, foam and rebond carpet padding.Material Requirements: Must be dry, NO wet carpet will be accepted. Cut in maximum 6 feet widths. Carpet does NOT need to be rolled inside out. No carpet scraps or trimmings. No tack strips, nails, staples or knife blades. No wet glue, debris, refuse, rocks, paint, or caked mud. No construction debris (e.g. asbestos, sheetrock). Minimal loose dirt ok.Tip Fee/Discount for Carpet: $28 per cubic yard
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GreenWaste Carpet Recyclers (Zanker Road Recycling)


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