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St. Louise Regional Hospital

St. Louise Regional Hospital is an acute care hospital offering a wide range of services to residents in both Santa Clara and San Benito counties.Accepts sharps/needles/lancets to be dropped off for proper disposal. Drop-off bin located outside the emergency room, it is not necessary to be a patient to drop-off sharps.Sharps must be in an approved sharps container. Definition of approved sharps container: Container must be rigid, puncture-resistant, unbreakable, and leak-resistant, with a tightly sealed lid and labeled as “Sharps Waste” or showing the International Biohazard label. California State Law prohibits a person from placing home-generated sharps in the trash or recycling containers. Do NOT throw them away. No glass jars, soda bottles, or milk jugs are accepted because these containers are not puncture proof.Most sharps drop-off locations are for 1-1.5 quart size sharps containers only. Call in advance before arrival.Sharps disposable containers can be purchased at local pharmacies and drug stores. If you have further questions, contact the Santa Clara County Department of Environmental Health, Medical Waste Management Programs at (408) 918-3400.
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St. Louise Regional Hospital


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